Friday, August 6, 2010

La semana con J.D.M. Smith

Esta semana pasada, desde el 29 de Julio hasta hoy, 6 de Agosto, he tenido el placer de compartir momentos estupendos con John Smith. Vino con el objetivo de poner en práctica su conocimiento del idioma castellano-español y conocer esta zona de la costa norte. Ésta es su opinión:

Although I knew Delfina prior to taking this opportunity to try to improve my Spanish, I really didn't know to expect. So, I am really pleased to note that the week I spent wandering the highways and byways of País Vasco was a real pleasure. Whether I was laughing at what imaginary bishops might do in the extraordinary church in Getaria, philosophing on economic theory during a visit to an old iron works, or perhaps questioning the exact age of the truly dramatic "Flysch" rock formations ( I think it is two years older than the experts do!), I never had a dull moment.

Difficult moments, as I struggled with obscure and not so obscure Spanish grammar, I will grant. But that was my problem. That, and feeling delightfully tired each evening.

Delfina constantly worked at my conversational Spanish and I can say I gained enormous confidence at that over the week, entirely due to her efforts.

I like walking (and eating and drinking) and I especially enjoyed chatting to the many "peregrinos" who were satarting their "camino", as we shared their way for a short while.

My only regret was that I never had the chance to show Delfina my swimming skills. But, that is another story.

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